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Donner LakeSerene Lakes is an “alpine community” of 1000 lots with approximately 700 homes. The average lot size is 1/3 acre. The community is surrounded by land owned and managed by the US Forest Service and the Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Area.

Donner Summit Fire Department provides structural fire protection. The US Forest Service and the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection protect wild lands. The Sierra Lakes County Water District (SLCWD) handles water and sewage. The drinking water comes out of the upper lake (Serena), is treated, and then stored in a 300,000-gallon underground hillside tank on the north end of the development. Sewage is pumped out of the development to the Donner Summit Public Utilities District in Soda Springs. Currently there is a moratorium on building until the pump station is expanded to accommodate the capacity of sewer hookups.

Since the drinking water comes out of the upper lake, there is no swimming allowed in this lake. Boating, fishing, and swimming are only allowed in the lower lake (Dulzura). Also, there are no powerboats allowed in either lake, due to our water supply, lake depth, swimmer safety and noise pollution.

Around most of the Serene lakes is a greenbelt (public land) and between approximately every eight properties is a greenbelt for access to the lakes from the road. There is a boat launch on the end of Sierra Road and a large beach for swimmers on the south end of Serene Road. The beach is leased and maintained by the Serene Lakes Property Owners Association (SLPOA). There are areas for horseshoes, volleyball, barbecues, picnics and swimming. SLPOA has built a beach structure with storage, cooking facilities and a rest room. Though all property owners are encouraged to join the association, membership is not mandatory, and any property owner may use the beach area.

Originally the Serene Lakes were called Ice Lakes and most USGS and USFS maps still refer to them as “Ice Lakes”. The area is crossed by the Overland Emigrant Trail dating from approximately 1846. The low elevation here is 6870 feet (Lake level) and the high is at about 7000 feet.

Please visit our Donner Summit community page to learn more about the many residential subdivisions in the Donner Summit area.  

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